Diary of a
Mad Black Game Critic

something resembling a blog by Justin Clark

against the ninja

let people play however the hell they want *Tyler*.

toss a coin to your bitcher

There’s a trending topic going around Twitter of “what’s your most controversial take on _____”, which of course I answer every time it comes up because I hate Twitter, but I love a loaded question, especially one that desperately warrants a real long, crotchety answer. With that in mind, it’ll probably be an easier pillContinue reading “toss a coin to your bitcher”

the kid who wouldn't be king

So, I mentioned last post that I’ve been playing Pokemon Shield. Before getting too deep, the quick review is that it’s shocking how little this series has changed since I was obsessed with Red and Blue in high school, and Game Freak’s commitment to keeping this series from being anything but Baby’s First Turn-Based RPGContinue reading “the kid who wouldn't be king”

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